Release Notes

Release version 1.20.2 (12/6/2018)
  • Fixed an issue where the skill would crash on Echo devices with displays when no welcome message was entered.
Release version 1.16.0 (10/10/2018)
  • You now have the ability to upload videos and background images to your custom content. Currently, this feature is only supported by Amazon Echo devices with displays, such as the Echo Show.
Release version 1.15.0 (9/18/2018)
  • Guests can now access upcoming events by saying "tell me about events." Owners/managers can opt out of automatic events through the Owner Portal.
  • First iteration of support for Echo Shows. Text is now displayed on the screen. Additional support will be coming in future releases.
Release version 1.14.0 (9/3/2018)
  • You can now allow your guest(s) to contact you for specific issues through the virtual concierge by checking on the option under Host Information.
Release version 1.13.2 (8/26/2018)
  • Fixed an issue with sending feedback through the Feedback form in the Portal.
Release version 1.13.1 (8/24/2018)
  • Fixed an issue where Yelp searches did not work for properties with email addresses with the "+" symbol.
Release version 1.12.0 (8/13/2018)
  • You can now delete a property that is linked to your Virtual Concierge account.
Release version 1.11.0 (8/7/2018)
  • You can now add multiple tags to an item in your custom content.
Release version 1.10.0 (8/2/2018)
  • You can now add the same tag to multiple items in your custom content. When doing so, Alexa or Google Home will present all the items listed with that tag.
Release version 1.9.0 (7/19/2018)
  • A new Google Assistant skill called "The Mobile Concierge" was released. This version was created specifically for guests to easily access your Virtual Concierge content on their phones by entering your passcode without needing to link their Google account.
Release version 1.8.0 (7/15/2018)
  • Yelp has been integrated into the custom content. If an item is connected to Yelp, then your voice assistance device will be able to provide the current address, business hours, and phone number automatically.
Release version 1.5.1 (6/19/2018)
  • Fixed issue where subscribing to certain subscription plans would fail.
Release version 1.3.0 (6/8/2018)
  • Launch of the new Virtual Concierge Store, where you can buy pre-programmed Smart Home kits and Virtual Concierge signs to further improve your guests' experience.
Release version 1.2.3 (6/4/2018)
  • When logging into your account, the email is now case insensitive.
Release version 1.2.2 (5/25/2018)
Release version 1.2.1 (5/21/2018)
  • Fixed issue where editing an item would sometimes go to the wrong item.
Release version 1.2.0 (5/18/2018)
  • You can now manage multiple properties using a single Virtual Concierge account.
  • You can now grant an optional property manager permissions to manage your custom content.
  • You can now copy content from one property to another if you have two or more properties linked to your Virtual Concierge account.
  • You can now upload an image of your property to make it easier to recognize which property you are managing in the case of having multiple properties.
  • The "Feedback" menu option has been moved to the top menu bar in the "Account" drop down.
  • Updated the Privacy Policy.
Release version 1.1.2 (5/16/2018)
  • Fixed issue where Alexa would not recognize the word "two" correctly, and instead interpret it as "tours."
Release version 1.1.1 (5/3/2018)
  • Fixed issue where certain versions of the Safari browser on MacBooks and iPads could not save or edit content in the Management Portal.
Release version 1.1.0 (4/28/2018)
Release version 1.0.1 (4/22/2018)
  • Updated the Phone Instructions document to support the 2nd Generation Virtual Concierge.
Release version 1.0.0 of the 2nd Generation Virtual Concierge
  • A brand new Management Portal with a completely customizable tree of content.
  • Introduction of "Tags" for quick access to content items.
  • A menu of options so users know everything that Alexa or Google Home knows about your property, but still with the option of naturally asking questions, such as "Tell me about..."