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A customized virtual concierge for your hotel, resort or vacation rental
The Opportunity
The Results
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Amazon Echo Devices
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The Opportunity

You can now deliver a stand-out service for your guests - a Virtual Concierge. With a voice assistant device in your property, Alexa or Google Assistant will provide expert local knowledge in an interactive voice conversation. You can also deliver the same experience directly from your guests' phone.

The Results
Enable Amazing Guest Experiences and Drive 5-star Reviews
  • Get valuable real-time feedback
  • Provide important information to guests without them specifically asking for it
  • Prevent problems by proactively reminding guests about their responsibilities before checking out
"I've had numerous 5-star reviews that have specifically mentioned the Virtual Concierge and how cool it was." -PM
"My guests love the personalization where Alexa greets them by name." -AY
Do good for your guests, and your local community
As a host, you have roots in your local community. You understand the culture, and know the local destinations. With your recommendations, guests discover and visit more places, and tourism is dispersed across a wider geography and financial beneficiaries. We leverage cutting edge voice technology to create connections between guests and places they may never have known about. These connections make for amazing guest experiences, and strengthen local economies.
Save you time and create new efficiences
  • Save you and your staff hours every week not answering guest's questions
  • Enable your cleaning service to clean more properties in a day because they know when guests leave early
"Since we started using the Virtual Concierge, we haven't received a single phone call asking for the WiFi password." -KM
"When I told my cleaning crew lead that the Virtual Concierge would be notifying them when guests checked out early, she almost fell out of her chair." -PH
Deliver tailored content and insights directly from you, the host
The Virtual Concierge will help you provide 'insider' information to your guests. In addition to specific information about your property, your expert local knowledge will be delivered as recommendations on unique destinations and special experiences in the area.
Here are some of the things Alexa or Google Home can provide your guests: Click here for examples
What Our Customers Say
What's New With the Virtual Concierge Service

Analytics and insights via utilization reports (Sept 2019)
You now have the ability to understand how your guests are using the Virtual Concierge during their stay. Information includes number of conversations and questions asked, the most popular answers provided, and much more.

New Property Wizard (Sept 2019)
With our new on-boarding wizard, you can add a new property in a few quick steps. Now it is quicker and easier than ever to get started.

Respond to Guest Questions with Your Own Voice (August 2019)
We know that one key to success in the vacation rental business is maintaining a personal connection with guests. One way to do that is to have them hear your own voice as part of their experience in your property. With this feature of the Virtual Concierge, you can record an audio file and attach it to a content item. When guests ask about that item, the VC will say "I'll hand it off to your host for that information", and then your own voice will provide the response to the guest's request.

We're honored to be part of Skift's Top 100 Short Term Rental Vendors
(Aug 2019)
To access the full Short-Term Rental Ecosystem and Vendor Deep Dive 2019 report, visit https://lnkd.in/ggahV4Q.

Host Welcome Message (July 2019)
Now your guests can get information you consider important, without depending on them to ask for it. When a guest uses the Virtual Concierge for the first time after their arrival, they will hear the custom welcome message that you have defined. This is a one-time only welcome for each group of guests. When they use the VC again, they will get the normal greeting.

Host Notifications When Guests Check-out, and a 3-Question Guest Survey (May 2019)
When guests tell the Virtual Concierge "We're checking out", you will receive an immediate notification. This can potentially allow you to send in the cleaning crew early. Further, you can also receive immediate feedback about your guest's stay. Guests will be asked if they are willing to provide feedback via 3 quick questions. You can use this information for continuous improvement and growing repeat bookings.

Proactive Check-out Reminders (May 2019)
Now on the day of departure, your guests can get proactively reminded about important things to remember as they leave the property. With check-out reminders, the Virtual Concierge will send a notification to your Amazon Echo device(s) at 10am on the morning of the check-out day. When a notification arrives, the device chimes and the light indicator pulses yellow. Guests can then say "Alexa, use the concierge service" to hear your custom departure instructions.

Calendar Integration (May 2019)
Hosts can now link their reservation calendars. This release also includes the ability for Alexa or Google Assistant to provide custom welcome messages using your guest's name.

Mark Cuban & Bradley Metrock Discuss Virtual Concierge Service (April 2019)
The value that voice tech brings vacation rentals is recognized, and growing! Here is Virtual Concierge Service being discussed by Mark Cuban and podcast host Bradley Metrock. It is in the context of the top 3 voice-oriented businesses that Mark would advise a younger self to pursue.

Google Places Integration (March 2019)
The Virtual Concierge can now search for local places and businesses and provide your guests information even if that information is not provided in your custom content. For example, if your guest says "where is the nearest museum?" and you do not have museum information in your content, the Virtual Concierge will now search for and provide the information for the nearest museum. This is another step in providing your guests great local knowledge. This feature is currently only available for the Amazon Echo and in the United States.

Yelp Events Integration 
You can sharing information about local events through the Virtual Concierge. Your guests can say "tell me about events in the area", and they will get a list of top events happening nearby. This information is constantly updated and requires no data entry on your part. Events are provided based on their proximity to the address of your property. They are sorted by date and presented to guests with events underway at the time of their request listed first.

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