The Virtual Concierge Story

We are a group of vacation rental homeowners, technologists and smart home experts who saw the potential of using Alexa and Google Home to deliver personal concierge-like advice and information to enhance the guest experience of people staying at our houses. Our founder, Dana Young, saw this potential in 2015 when he received an Amazon Echo as a gift. Inspired by the thought of delivering a virtual concierge with Alexa, Dana began a software development effort to give Alexa this new skill for his own vacation rental.
Early on in the skill development, Dana realized that there was an opportunity to give Alexa this skill for any vacation rental property. He developed a web portal by which vacation rental owners and managers could enter their own content, and Alexa would deliver it. The Virtual Concierge Service was born in January 2017 as a service that any host can use to deliver incremental value to their guest’s experience.
Vacation rental owners and managers have insight and knowledge to the local area that makes all the difference. Alexa equipped with this skill helps deliver that - a personal touch in an impersonal digital world.
In 2018, seeing the opportunity to provide a complete voice-enabled smart home solution for the benefit of the guests and the homeowner, we added the first commercially available pre-programmed Smart Home Kit for the vacation rental market. The kit provides automated routines specific to your vacation home as well as piece of mind that your technology is working the way you expect it to and thus ensuring that the guest experience is what you’d expect it to be.
The kit allows drop-in replacement for light switches, thermostats, and door locks, and gives the guest and homeowner the ability to use Alexa to turn on lights, set the heating/cooling set points, and get alerts when devices in the house change status. The entire process for the homeowner is managed through their Google or iCal calendar.
We see immense potential in voice assistant and smart home technology for the vacation rental community. We are passionate about helping owners and managers leverage it for the benefit of their guests and businesses.