Enabling notifications

  • The Virtual Concierge has the ability to send notifications to your Amazon Echo device(s) in your property to alert your guests of important information. This feature also supports calendar integration. For example, reminders can automatically be sent on each departure day. Your own custom instructions will be provided, reminding guests about what they need to do before leaving.
  • In order to use this feature, you must enable notifications for the Virtual Concierge skill:
    1. Open your Alexa companion app on your phone (or via the web at https://alexa.amazon.com). Ensure you are logged in with your property account. This is the account email shown under Property Information on the Custom Content page for your property on the portal.
    2. Go to your skills, locate and click on The Virtual Concierge skill
    3. Click on the "SETTINGS" button (or "ENABLE" if the skill is not enabled, and sign in).
    4. Allow permission for The Virtual Concierge to send notifications.
  • The notification feature is currently only available for Amazon Alexa.