Enabling guest access on mobile devices

  • Now your guests can hear all about places to go and things to do before they even arrive. The excitement for their upcoming trip will be amplified with the concierge experience.
  • Whether you use Amazon Echo or Google Home at your vacation rental, the concierge is available on smart phones via Google Assistant without any additional content setup.
  • Here's how to provide the concierge to your guests before their arrival:
    • On eligible Android phones, the Google Assistant app is built in. On iphone, you can add it, here is a link to the app.
    • In the Management Portal you will see a menu item called 'Passcode' on the left navigation. Your passcode is located in that section.
    • Give your guests the passcode, and this link. When they click the link, they will be prompted for that passcode, and will then have access to your customized Virtual Concierge. They can get the same access without the link by opening the Google Assistant app and saying "Use the Mobile Concierge."