Amazon Alexa in Vacation Rentals

Using Routines to Make Multiple Things Happen with a Single Voice Command

By Dana Young

Amazon Echo Routines


As a vacation rental owner or manager, you may have begun exploring the use of Amazon Alexa at your property. I’ve had many VR pros reach out and ask, “How can I leverage an Amazon Echo at my vacation rental?”. This series of guides is intended to help with that question, and provide actionable information that will help you improve your guest’s experience.

In this guide, we are going to focus on how Alexa can help take a guest’s experience with a vacation rental equipped with smart home tech to the next level. You will find a description of the value proposition for guests, exactly what you need in order to deliver that value, and setup instructions.

Value Proposition

Alexa has a capability called ‘Routines’, which can allow your guests to complete multiple tasks with a single voice command. This is where the integration of Alexa together with smart home becomes really powerful. It will provide the kind of guest memories that can lead to delighted guests and word of mouth referrals.

A great example that you can set up is a ‘good night’ routine. If guests say the phrase, “Alexa, good night,” the virtual assistant will proceed to turn off all the lights, lock the doors, and shut off the downstairs heating system.

Routines can be initiated with either a trigger phrase, or you can assign a specific time for the routine to run. Routines can control smart home devices, as well as including elements like news, traffic and weather. You can also make it so that music begins to play as part of a Routine, or play a podcast.

Another interesting capability as it applies to hospitality is that a routine can also including having Alexa speak something of your choosing. An example that ties together a full guest experience is a morning Routine for guests. Alexa could start the coffee maker, turn on the lights, read the day’s weather forecast for your area, and then offer concierge services to help plan activities for the day. For example, “If you would like to hear the owner’s recommendations for places in the area and things to do, just say Alexa, use the concierge service. Have a great day!”

What You Will Need

To use Routines, you’ll need one or more products within the Amazon Echo family, as well as whatever smart home devices that are required to establish the Routine you would like to create. To find devices, be sure to look for the ‘Works with Alexa’ badge on products. This is an Amazon certification that ensures responsiveness, reliability, and functionality. There are a broad range of devices available with this certification. They include:

You can find a consolidated list of smart home devices that work with Alexa on this page.

Setup Instructions

Amazon Echo Setup

You will want to set up the Echo(s) in your vacation rental property with a separate Amazon account that is specific to that property. If you have more than one Echo at your property, use that same account for all the devices at that location. Details for how to do that (including a great trick to simplify the process) as well as the reasons why it should be done are described here.

Once you have a separate account for the Echo(s) at your vacation rental property, you can follow the basic Echo setup instructions here. There are options for either downloading the Alexa app for IOS / Android, or using the app from your PC’s browser via

Install your Smart Home Devices

Follow the manufacturers’ directions to install your various smart home devices. Then be sure to test each one to make sure it can be controlled by voice individually, in preparation for linking them together in a Routine.

Creating the Routine

It’s easy to create an Alexa Routine: Just go to the Alexa app, pull up the menu and choose Routines. A list of your current Routines will be listed, you may see some that Amazon created to get you started. Either tap one of these, or just hit the + in the top-right to start one from scratch.

The screen is simple, with two options:

Dana Young
Dana Young is a vacation rental owner in the technology industry. Along with founding the virtual concierge, he also developed TrackVacs, as a way to give back to the vacation rental community and help single property owners manage their business.