VCS: Building A "Smart" Guest Experience

[SEATTLE, WA - July 17, 2018] Virtual Concierge Service (VCS), a leading-edge Vacation Property technology provider recently made available for sale the first preprogrammed smart home system with a built-in virtual concierge specifically for vacation rental properties. This new technology not only helps enhance the guest experience, it also automates many of the typical pre-arrival host duties and gives vacation property owners much needed peace of mind.

Beginning with a problem they were personally invested in, the partners at VCS saw inspiration from new Artificial Intelligence technology and emerging voice assistant platforms. Starting with their own driving passions of tech and smart home systems, they began searching out a better way to manage their own vacation properties.

The company’s founder, Dana Young, saw the potential to first develop the Virtual Concierge Service back in 2015 when he received an Amazon Echo as a gift. “I was inspired by the thought of delivering a virtual concierge with Alexa and began to work on developing software to give Alexa this new skill for my own vacation rental property.” stated Dana. He went on to develop a web portal by which any vacation rental owner or manager could enter their own local content, and Alexa would deliver it to their guests. Alexa or Google Home equipped with this new skill, alongside the smart home technology, helps deliver a personal touch in a scalable, efficient way that has never before been possible.

Imagine if you could prep your vacation rental property for the next arrival by simply adding an entry to your calendar and automation took care of the rest? No more bad first impressions when your guests arrive to a cold, dark house. Skip the pre-arrival visit to adjust the temperature, lighting and entertainment system by automating the process. Also receive notifications of water leaks, guests arriving/leaving, and temperatures that go out of range.

If you have multiple properties on the system, you can also have access to a dashboard that combines important location data, so you can get a quick glance of critical information like water leaks, temperatures, door lock status and more from all of the properties that you manage.

“With our smart home system, we have also solved the frequent problem of explaining to guests how to fix the entertainment system in the property. With a simple web browser interface, a property manager or owner can reset and control the entertainment system from a remote location. Property managers report this as one of the biggest guest pain points.” commented Pat Hagerman, who helped develop the preprogrammed Smart Home kits.

Today’s vacation rental guests expect more than just a roof over their heads. They want an experience. They want comfort. And they want local knowledge beyond what they can get from Google. They are also happy to use technology solutions to attain those. This new smart home system and virtual concierge provides an efficient, scalable, user-friendly way for property managers and homeowners to surprise and delight their guests.

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