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We believe that local knowledge makes for an awesome guest experience. Our customers are hosts that want to create amazing trips for their guests. They have roots in their communities and know how to get the most out of what the area has to offer. We help them share that knowledge.

Virtual Concierge Service delivers AI-powered voice technology to the hospitality industry. Our platform enables hosts to define a Virtual Concierge that can be customized to each property. Through a conversational interface, guests can get 'insider' information about the property and region.

We leverage cutting edge voice technology to create connections between guests and places they may never have known about. These connections make for amazing guest experiences, but they also strengthen local economies. This in turn bolsters local communities, helping create a virtuous cycle for all involved.

Our Mission

We strive to be a disruptive force for good in the hospitality industry. We do that by using advanced voice technology to create connections between host's local knowledge and amazing travel experiences for guests. The outcome we work toward is a virtuous cycle where hosts, local communities and guests all benefit.

Our Leadership Team

Dana Young
Dana Young
  • 10 years experience in the short-term rental industry
  • 14 years experience leading large (50+) teams of engineers
  • Digital Voice Assistant architect and developer of multiple voice applications
Pat Hagerman
Pat Hagerman
  • Multi-property short-term rental owner with 15 years of experience
  • Smart home industry innovator & voice-enabled smart living expert
  • Business Management and Operations expert
David Nguyen
David Nguyen
  • 12 years experience in modern full stack development techniques
  • Experienced leader of full stack Scrum/Agile development teams
  • Voice User Interface expert

Our Advisory Board

Brad Halbach
Brad Halbach
  • Entrepreneur with successful exit to Fortune 50 acquisition
  • 20 years experience leading software development teams for POS, Ecommerce, Retail, Distribution
Jim DuBois
Jim DuBois
  • 25 year Microsoft exec including CIO and CISO roles
  • Led large product, application, infrastructure, and security teams
  • Venture Advisor at Ignition Partners
  • Board member for multiple tech startups
Robert Ford
Robert Ford
  • CEO The Ford Consultary Group, Digital Transformation expert
  • 25+ years experience leading global IT teams at Microsoft Corp
  • CIO Northwest University

The Virtual Concierge Story

Virtual Concierge Service was initially developed in 2016. Our founder, Dana Young, saw the potential of applying voice technology to the hospitality industry. As a vacation rental owner, he was inspired by the idea of using Alexa as a virtual concierge for his own vacation rental property. Dana developed the original version of Virtual Concierge with this in mind.
Early in the development process, Dana realized that there was an opportunity to give Alexa this skill for any hospitality use case. He developed a web portal by which hosts could enter their own content, and Alexa would deliver it. The Virtual Concierge Service was born in January 2017 as a service that any host can use to deliver incremental value to their guest's experience.
Since that time, Virtual Concierge has expanded to include advanced voice capabilities that are breaking new ground in the use of voice in the hospitality industry. The Virtual Concierge has been used over 35,000 times across thousands of properties around the world.

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